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I was born 1990 in Mexico City. The next couple of years as a kid I moved and lived in different parts of the world like Colorado, Portugal and Spain, which made me experience different cultures and life in differently from many other kids. I have a brother (Musician) and a sister (Visual Artist) both inclined to the fields of arts, growing up with them was a very important factor in my life and still is, to the day I keep a good relationship and work with them on many projects.


I returned back to Mexico City in 1998. At the age of 10 I had already developed a strong passion for music and a curiosity for Audio Equipment. My Father is a multifaceted businessman with a strong passion for art and music and my mother is a Visual Artist and Architect, I owe all my personal and professional success to them and all the love they gave and give me. At age of 13 I was into Skateboarding, Hip-Hop music and animals (I have always loved animals as a kid I always dreamed of being a Vet) as my love for music grew I decided to learn how to play the guitar and this opened up a whole new world for me, my whole life changed with this event. I took my first guitar lessons with professor Alvaro de la Maza who later introduced me to my first DAW and the basic concepts of Recording and producing, from that day on I have been writing, producing and recording music. Playing guitar also made me start worshiping classic rock bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors etc. and I started digging really deep into rock, punk, and popular music history and culture. At age 15 I left to study abroad for a year in a town called Villars in Switzerland where I continued to study guitar and music theory, this year I gave my first live performances and formed my first band, a musical project called John Angel, that year we recorded a 4 song EP which was my first recording and production experience . After that year I came back to Mexico City and formed the band Bocanegra. Bocanegra was pretty well known in the local independent Mexican music scene, I played guitar and sang lead vocals with this band for several years and recorded a lot of material, we also played live shows almost every week and played as an opening act for Mexican artists like Alejandro Fernandez and La Gusana Ciega. Being a recording artists, struggling to find our sound and having to deal with mediocre producers and engineers really made me want to pursue a career in music production to get stuff done right! During these years I also organized various small music festivals and acted as a manager and booking agent for Bocanegra, I also continued studying guitar, piano and took some opera vocal lessons and contemporary vocal techniques with Gustavo Lara.


On 2010 in my home studio in Mexico I engineered and produced my first record for the Mexican band The Risin Sun, after becoming more involved in production and engineering I decided to get a formal music education and enrolled myself in Fermatta Music college in Mexico City, after 2 years in that college I decided to apply to Berklee College of Music and successfully got accepted, I moved to Boston and started my education in 2011 majoring in music production and audio engineering and taking various classes in contemporary writing. In my last year at Berklee I did a lot of freelancing work as a mixing engineer and formed a project called Shikaka with Sergio Galindo, together we engineered, wrote and produced an album.


I finished my studies and graduated in 2015. Today I live in Los Angeles where I continue my work and as a Music Producer and Audio engineer always hungry to learn and grow more.

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